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    Estimating The Cost Of Your Website

    Do you need a brand new website? Does your current website need a makeover? Or perhaps you are considering an online store?

    A lot of factors go into putting together a website quote. Two primary factors are size and complexity. Does your vision involve a small, informational website? Or perhaps a full-featured e-commerce site with multiple categories of products?

    The possibilities are extensive, and if you’ve shopped around, you know that website quotes can be all over the map. In contrast, I take a more purposeful approach to the price quote process.

    Understanding Your Vision

    Website needs vary. Understanding your vision and getting on-board with your message, service, or products is essential. They can provide a preview of how the website design and development process will unfold.

    There are many ways to develop a website. Knowing as much about your vision and goals as possible allows me to make recommendations on how to help you get the most for your money while still meeting your goals.

    Requirements and Considerations

    Much consideration goes into creating an attractive, functional, user-friendly website.  

    Two requirements needed for even the most basic websites include a domain name and hosting. If you need either service, I can easily take care of the registration and set-up process.

    Here are a few other considerations that will help me with your quote:

    • Do you already have branding (i.e., logo, artwork, colors, etc.)?
    • How large (# of pages) of a website do you anticipate needing?
    • Will you be selling products?
    • Do you need SEO services?
    • Will you need a maintenance plan?
    • What type of extra features will you need?

    Website Goals

    To be considered successful, you must reach your goals for the website. A few example goals could be:

    • Providing a comfortable first impression
    • Increasing the length of stay on your site
    • Identifying your audience and creating visitor interaction and conversions
    • Attracting more visitors
    • Increasing Social Media followers
    • Increasing Search Engine Rank
    • Return on investment

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Providing an attractive, high-quality website that accomplishes your objectives is my top priority. As an established web developer with over 20 years of experience, I can guarantee that you will be 100% pleased with your investment, or I will keep working until it’s right. I promise you that your website quote will be affordable and fair.

    Website Quote

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