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Website support is an essential component of any online business. It involves ongoing assistance to ensure you are running smoothly, performing optimally, and delivering a great user experience. Website support can take many forms, from troubleshooting technical issues providing content updates, and managing security concerns.

One of the most critical aspects of website support is ensuring that the site is always up-to-date and secure, including regularly updating software and plugins, monitoring for security threats, and implementing best practices for data protection. My Web Maintenance plan can also help with content updates, ensuring the site remains fresh and engaging for visitors.

Another important aspect of my website support is providing technical assistance to users who experience issues with the site, including troubleshooting problems with site functionality, addressing issues with page load times, and resolving issues with broken links or other errors.

Ultimately, website support is all about ensuring you have the resources and expertise you need to keep your site running smoothly and deliver the best possible experience for your users. Investing in quality website support can build trust and credibility with your audience, boost conversions and revenue, and ensure ongoing success in the competitive online landscape.


I am happy to work with any reliable hosting situation you may have already arranged. If you are currently without a host, I highly recommend SiteGround hosting. Trusted by over two million domains, SiteGround has excellent reliability, and customer service is second to none.

Moving your site to SiteGround or another host of your choosing is free with a development agreement. However, hosting rates do apply.

Domain services are also available.

Lifetime Warranty

If what was working at the launch of your website suddenly has issues, it’s covered. There are a few exceptions, however. They include but are not limited to code
tampered with and code that becomes outdated due to negligent regular maintenance.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or concerns regarding this area.

I also include training and documentation on updating and maintaining the content for your site.

Q & A Access

Have a question? Need advice or a 2nd opinion on a website decision? I am more than happy to assist in finding a solution in whatever manner possible.

Maintenance, Updates & Improvements

A regular maintenance program is necessary and strongly recommended to ensure that your website remains healthy and productive. Critical security updates periodically become available, and software version updates help maintain usability, stability, and performance. WordPress auto-updates much of its software. Custom sites most often require manual updating.

A regular maintenance program for your site is available and arranged monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. The price for this service is flexible based on your website needs.

I accept improvement and design requests at any time.


Search engine optimization is initially built-in in the development process. You are provided starter material and resources at launch.

However, search engine demands are ever-changing; thus, SEO is an ongoing process. While you have full access to maintain and update your SEO as you desire, I also provide an SEO maintenance program. Read more on the topic of SEO here.


Security (SSL) Certificates are free of charge on all sites hosted by SiteGround. Other hosting companies’ SSL services vary.

Regardless, SSL is vital to the security of your website. SiteGround describes it as a “digital ‘passport’ that allows data to be transmitted over secure networks – protecting financial and credit card transactions, signups, web access to mail, sensitive information, and intranets.” The visitor’s data is protected. Also, the security padlock displayed when an SSL Certificate is present and active gains their trust.


As mentioned earlier, despite our best prevention efforts, bad things can happen to websites and their data, whether accidental or intentional. However, you can rest assured because most hosting companies provide nightly and weekly backups of your site and database at no charge. If you do not presently have this service with your hosting company, installing a custom backup program is also an option.

Restoring a website can usually be done very quickly so that you experience as little downtime as possible.

“Stuff happens” in the world of technology—anything from simple accidents to rare hacks or database corruption. Regardless of what happens, however, I’ve got you covered! I offer services, including your site’s lifetime warranty at launch time, Q & A, and advice access to me. I also provide post-launch maintenance services at a nominal charge. And by the time we launch your site, no one will know the inner workings of your website, as well as me.

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Support Solution
Web Design

Web Design

A website that is easy to navigate, visually appealing, and mobile-friendly can improve user experience and engagement, increasing traffic and conversions.

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Content Marketing Strategy

Do you want to increase awareness around your brand? Improve customer engagement? Rank higher with the search engines? Increase lead generation?

Well-planned and well-executed content marketing strategies are just what you need.

Certified Content Strategist



E-commerce solutions are:

  • A crucial component of modern business strategy.
  • Enabling businesses of all sizes to compete in the global marketplace and meet the evolving needs of their customers, whether using WooCommerce.
  • 3rd party integration.
  • A custom solution.

Web Development

Website Development

Breathing life into the web development process involves creating a dynamic and engaging experience for users on all devices, requiring a combination of creativity, technical expertise, and a focus on user experience.

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Good SEO can make people happy by increasing traffic, improving user experience, boosting revenue, and establishing trust and credibility with the audience.

Web Maintenance


Website support is all about ensuring that you have the resources and expertise you need to keep your site running smoothly and delivering the best possible experience for your users.

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