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Invoice Number INV-1418
Invoice Date August 1, 2021
Due Date August 31, 2021
Total Due $200.00
Gibson Communications

Chicago, IL

Web Development Services

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
.5 Create "Events" menu item and style accordingly. Present Events options.
.25 Footer/Social Media tweaks

Correctly link the Twitter and YouTube icons

.75 Replace existing logos with new registered trademark logos
.5 Constructing a Dental Insurance Alternative PPT PDF

--Create a “Constructing a Dental Insurance Alternative PPT” menu item under “Providers”
--Make it be the second menu item (between “Sign In” and “How PayDent Works Video”)
--Page opens to some copy and a link that opens the PDF.

.5 Footer Menu Items

Make “Blog”, “Articles,” “In the News,” “News Releases” and “Find a Dental Care Provider” open to “under construction” pages

3 SendInBlue/PayDent Email Blast
1.5 SendInBlue Dissatisfaction Credit $-50.00$-75.00
Sub Total $200.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $200.00

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