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Large layout shifts can make your page appear visually jarring, as page elements appear suddenly, move around, and affect how your visitors interact with the page.

To best serve the repeat visitors to your site (those who frequent your blogs and videos, etc.), having an efficient cache policy helps improve page load times on repeat visits. A user's first visit to your page won't be any quicker; however, subsequent visits to the page will be due to the cached content.

A critical request chain drastically slows down your page load. Reducing the number of critical request chains speeds up your page load.

Images should be appropriately sized based on the dimensions in which they will display.

Unnecessarily large images force users to download useless data, impacting their page experience.

Several pages have duplicate title tags.
Images don't have alt attributes.
Issues with unminified and uncompressed JavaScript and CSS Files.
Many broken external links.
Many pages don't have meta descriptions.
Several pages either don't have h1 headings or have duplicate h1 headings.
Several links have non-descriptive anchor text.
Need for a review of a content and keyword strategy.

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