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Menu page - remove /career-after-college/ from menu, then redirect traffic to - /career-plan-blueprint/
- remove /career after college/ tile and description

edit 6 squares to 4 squares

/career-fast-track/ page edit:
- add "course tile" added to left side square, of second paragraph
- displaced left side 2nd paragraph content, make headline bigger, then move down to 3rd paragraph as one square
- Existing 3rd paragraph content, push down/add a level

BLOG changes
- change /blog/ url to /career-advice/
- all blog pages AUTOMATICALLY have /career-advice/ (plus article title )
- Sidebar of page for table of contents H2/H3/H4

fix image on this page -

- Employee Development Plan Template Kit
- simple landing page, /EDPKit/
- add buy now $27 button for PayPal/CrCard purchase
- add 3-D book cover image
- Also new article "Employee Development Plan Examples in PDF (Updated Guide for 2022)

Sub Total $375.00
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Total Due $375.00

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