How To Choose A Web Development Company For Your New Website

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So you’ve decided to build a new website.

Congratulations! It’s an exciting time.

A new website is an opportunity to develop your image, build your brand, and begin marketing to your target audience.

The possibilities are endless!

But it’s also a bit overwhelming, especially if you don’t have any web design experience.

Luckily, there are literally millions of web development companies available to help you create the site of your dreams.

The only question is, how do you choose which one to use?

All website development companies are not created equal.

Do your homework and vet your options to ensure you get a reputable business with the experience necessary to help you achieve your goals.

A new website is an opportunity to develop your image, build your brand, and begin marketing to your target audience.”

Determine Your Website Needs

Before you can hire someone to help you bring your website vision to life, you must first know what that vision is.

Even if you don’t know what the aesthetic of your website is going to look like (I get it, not everyone is a creative, visual person), it’s essential to understand the functionality it needs to provide.

Ask yourself what you’re trying to accomplish with your site, and then determine what you need to achieve those goals.

Do you want an e-commerce site where people can purchase products?

Are you comfortable with a template-based site that a developer can simply drag and drop your information into?

Maybe your needs require a responsive design that can be used on various platforms and devices. 

You might need a full-service company that can manage social media elements for your site as well.

Whatever it is, defining your website needs will help you find a web development company with the experience and abilities to create what you require.

5 Ways to Find the Right Web Development Company for Your Needs

Once you’ve got an idea of your technical needs, you can begin your search for the right web developer for your site. Here are seven things to consider when narrowing down your options for the ideal web development company.

1. Look at Their Own Website and Portfolio

Whether you start with a simple Google search for “web development company near me” or you get a list of personal recommendations, the companies that stand out to you should have the best web development company websites. 

After all, what better indicator of a web developer’s legitimacy and abilities than their own website?

If the site has typos, poor design choices, or broken links, move on. That’s not the company for you.

On the other hand, if you’re impressed by the design and the seamless functionality of the site, dig deeper.

Peruse their portfolio and see other samples of their work. 

If you notice consistent quality and appeal, this is a good sign that the company can deliver similar results for your business. 

Look for clients whose projects are similar to your own needs and assess how the project turned out.

If you like what you see, this company may be a strong contender for your business.

2. Read Customer Reviews

Once you’ve identified some companies whose work you admire, it’s time to dig for dirt.

Reviews are huge for building customer trust and loyalty.

Studies reveal that 91% of consumers ages 18 to 34 value online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Look for customer reviews on web development companies’ sites to read about some of the positive experiences people have had with their services.

Then dig a little deeper.

Turn to social media for forums, discussions, comments, and reactions to see how clients really feel about the company.

People will be more likely to leave candid feedback on these sites, so social networks are a great place to find useful intel on the companies you’re researching.

You can also search online for “review for web development company X” for even more insight into customers’ experience.

Also, look into any awards or recognition the company has received for its work.

If other experts in the industry hail them, they’re likely a reputable company that delivers solid work.

3. Reach Out to Previous Clients

If you see samples of the web development company’s work but no client reviews, take the initiative to reach out to previous clients and ask for their recommendations.

Find out what kind of experience they had with the web developer and whether they would refer business to them.

If they had a positive experience, they’d likely be glad to send more business their way.

On the other hand, if it was less than desirable, they’ll feel compelled to warn businesses from making their same mistake.

A brief conversation should give you the insight you need to determine whether this is a company worth pursuing for your web development needs.

"I have the experience needed to help you build a website that looks great and engages your visitors."


4. Assess Company Response

Working with a website development company requires a considerable amount of communication.

Reach out to the company of your choice and see what their response time is.

Once you make contact, they should reply to your message within 24 to 48 hours.

Do they reply to your emails in a timely manner, or do they leave you hanging?

Are they good at answering your questions with terminology you understand, or do they talk over your head in technical jargon?

If they’re too busy to get back to you, or their operation is too small to handle their current clients and your project, you may want to consider a different company.

5. Ensure They Track Metrics

Understanding whether your website is effective or not is essential to the success of your business.

Your web design company should be able to track results to measure your progress.

This data can provide insights into what parts of your website are performing well and what needs improvement.

Confirm that the company you’re considering does indeed measure results, and learn how you can access that information.

You might also ask about the retention rates of their clients’ customers.

Sites that retain less than 60% of their customers indicate usability issues. You’ll probably want to avoid those developers.

Meanwhile, sites with 70-90% retention rates are excellent performers and could be an asset to your company.

Trust Your Website Design to a Reputable Web Development Company

As a web developer, I understand the importance of creating a website that appeals to your users in content, layout, and function.

I have the experience needed to help you build a website that looks great and engages your visitors.

Your content will help tell your story and bring your offerings to life.

Best of all, I can create a site that will provide a positive user experience through high performance, maximum usability, and intuitive navigation.

Are you ready to lay the foundation for a website that delivers results?

Contact me today to receive an affordable website quote.


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