Do You Need a Content Marketing Specialist?

Content Strategy

In today’s world of digital marketing, content is essential to building a loyal following and earning high search engine rankings.

Content marketing strategies provide opportunities to fill your website with material like keywords, links, and statistics that search engines can scan to assess the relevance and usefulness of your site.

The more your content benefits your readers, the higher you’ll appear in search placements.

Maintaining a full content calendar can be challenging.

Researching topics, writing content, including the right keywords, and publishing at the right time takes a great deal of effort and planning.

Many small businesses lack the resources or manpower to keep up with this kind of schedule. They know content is important, but there just isn’t enough time to create new material while juggling all of their other responsibilities.

In these cases, it can be a huge benefit to hiring a content marketing specialist.

What is a Content Marketing Specialist?

A content marketing specialist delivers the tools businesses need to drive traffic to their site and increase conversion rates.

The ideal candidate will typically have a background in marketing and possibly journalism.

Content marketing specialists can be single individuals who possess the skills needed to research a variety of topics.

Or it can be a team of people with varied experience, background, and knowledge about multiple areas and industries.

Either way, a content marketing specialist can be an editorial director, SEO analyst, chief content officer, or even a managing editor.

Whatever their role, a content marketing specialist must be able to tell a story, write well, and strategize to create material that resonates with your audience.

What Does a Content Marketing Specialist Do?

The specific duties of a content marketing specialist will depend upon the unique needs of your particular small business.

However, jobs that may fall to this professional include:

  • Content strategy development: Conduct research to see what topics are trending, what information the audience wants to read, and when posts would be received most effectively.
  • Drafting copy: Writing blog articles, landing page information, and social media posts to meet the company’s digital marketing goals.
  • Updating old content: Keep all content up to date by refreshing facts and figures, fixing broken links, and revising irrelevant information.
  • Managing social media platforms: Creating posts and sharing content to build brand awareness and increase engagement with your audience. 

Regardless of duty, the ultimate goal of a content marketing specialist is to create valuable content that generates buzz about your business and drives traffic to your website.

Benefits of Hiring a Content Marketing Specialist

Hiring a content marketing specialist can have long-term benefits. Here are five reasons hiring a content marketing specialist is worth it.

1. You Get Quality Content

The success of your content marketing strategy depends on high-quality content that resonates with your audience.

When you hire a professional, you get quality content that helps attract your audience and boost your rankings while avoiding mistakes less-experienced content writers might make.

You’ll be able to avoid:

  • Fluff pieces to fill space: In a rush to publish new content, fluff pieces add content to your site but don’t provide any value to your readers.
  • Duplicate content: This works against you in SERPs as search engines realize duplicate content doesn’t provide useful information to your audience.
  • Keyword stuffing: Cramming tons of keywords into content without any rhyme or reason is not helpful to your viewers.

A professional content marketing specialist will write for the needs of your target audience, so you know your material will provide value and help earn you high search rankings.

2. Consistent Material

When you publish quality material consistently, your audience comes to expect and look forward to your posts.

Consistency is key to building trust, brand loyalty, and setting your reputation as a leader in your field.

It also helps train search engines to scan your pages regularly and get your site listed on search engine results more quickly and efficiently.

If you’re multitasking among other job responsibilities, you may not be able to create quality content consistently.

Leave this role to a dedicated professional so you can focus on other aspects of business success.

3. Uniform Messaging

When you have the same person writing your company’s content across all platforms, your message has a clear voice, style, and tone that your audience can identify with your brand.

It takes skill and experience to connect uniform brand elements and language into a marketing strategy that meets your company’s standards.

All messaging should appeal to search engines, meet your audience’s needs, match your brand identity, and help your business achieve its marketing goals.

A content marketing specialist can see that this happens.

4. Strategic Planning

A content marketing specialist will conduct the necessary research to ensure your messaging aligns with your website’s analytics.

They’ll understand what information your viewers are drawn to, how much time they spend on what kind of content, and can develop a strategy for how to engage them further.

With that insight, a specialist will craft content that features the elements proven to resonate with your audience, like videos or infographics.

They’ll develop a content strategy to ensure the material you’re producing meets the needs and expectations of your audience while appealing to search engines for ranking purposes.

5. SEO

Through keyword research, audience demographics, and topic discovery, a content marketing specialist will identify how to optimize your content for the best results.

Content is huge for SEO, as it provides numerous opportunities to deliver value to your readers and material for search engines to gauge for effectiveness.

Not all writers are familiar with this balance, yet a content marketing specialist is experienced in creating the authoritative material needed to gain audience trust while boosting SERPs.

"The ultimate goal of a content marketing specialist is to create valuable content that generates buzz about your business and drives traffic to your website."


Hire a Content Marketing Specialist for Your Small Business

Content marketing is an essential part of a digital marketing strategy, yet it is not something everyone has the skills to do well.

If this isn’t in your wheelhouse, or your team is capable but simply overwhelmed, considering hiring a professional content marketing specialist to help you reach your goals.

Contact me today to discuss a content marketing strategy that’s right for you.


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