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Breathing Life Into The Web Design Process

Grasping The Vision

The development process begins with listening to you, the client, and understanding the website’s vision. Getting on-board with your website’s message, service, or products is vital since website needs vary. Does your brand already exist, or does it need to be created? Is the site representing an individual, small business, or a large corporation? How is the design going to communicate with your target audience and search engines (See SEO)?

Constructing The Presentation

Once there is a full understanding website’s objective, an important next step is developing the means for a user and search engines to navigate through the content. If this is to be an e-commerce site, the most efficient means of conversion must be addressed. Creating road maps, called sitemaps, leads to the desired information or product.

Artwork, colors, technology, etc. are created or selected during this point in the process.

The Layout

The website begins to get an identity during the layout process. Mockups display the necessary needs of the web design. For the first time, you will see the items needed to present your website pulled together. These items include graphics, logo, colors, typography, buttons, menus, etc.

The layout process is a critical phase of the development process as it represents the first impression your users will have of your website. Even the smallest of details can affect how a user feels and interacts with your site.

Your final approval of the design completes this phase.

The Maturation Of A Website

As an experienced developer, I use my HTML, CSS, PHP, and JQuery skills to give life to the approved design. This programming provides “legs” to an aesthetically pleasing design, allowing the site to function in a manner that achieves the desired result, from displaying important information (your content) on-demand to completing a purchase process in an e-commerce environment.

Providing a fully-featured CMS (Content Management System) is also an essential part of the development process. A CMS allows the site to be easily updated and maintained following production, regardless of your technical skill level.

Training and support now begin. An understanding of how your site is maintained and functions are included and provided.

Testing And Approval

It’s now time to walk through the entire site – every page and every function. Testing for usability, compatibility, and performance – on all devices – is vital to making sure everything is working correctly with nothing overlooked. When all of the components work together, producing a blazingly fast website that functions at peak efficiency with a seamless user experience, it’s time to approve and launch.

Hello World!

Launching a website is exciting! After days and weeks of behind-the-scenes trials, decisions, and development, the time has come to display our creation. In coordination with your needs, the website moves from the production environment to the live server. Once again, a final website check makes sure that everything is displaying and working correctly.

Maintaining A Healthy Website

Following the deployment of your website, the maintenance and observance of the activity and results begin. You’ll want to make updates to keep your content “fresh” and pertinent. You’ll have new information to present. And I’m never more than an email or phone call away to assist.

You’ll also want information from your site. How is the site performing? How many visitors are viewing the site, and what pages are they visiting? There are many means of analyzing a website. Google Analytics set up is included in the development process.

Technology is ever-changing, and related updates are essential to your site, maintaining its functionality. I provide services to help keep your website in peak health condition at all times.


The web development process has many stages. It can seem like an uphill climb at times, but it’s my job to streamline the process as much as possible. I’ll take care of the necessary details and the flow from one stage to the next – freeing you to focus on creating great and compelling content for your visitors.

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Web Design

Web Design

Web design services that deliver a design that will visually enhance your message or product for the best possible user experience.​

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Content Marketing Strategy

Do you want to increase awareness around your brand? Get more traffic and leads? Increase conversions?

Well-planned and well-executed content marketing strategies are just what you need.

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The latest methods and technology are used for marketing your products, whether using WooCommerce, 3rd party integration, or a custom solution.

Web Development

Website Development

Custom and WordPress websites are developed for all screens on all devices from the ground up.

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Proven search engine optimization (SEO) strategies are applied to your website, delivering your content to those in need, and achieving the best ranking results possible.

Web Maintenance


Your website project is valued from day one and receives extensive support throughout the development process and beyond.

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– Rube Goldberg

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Alpine Valley Resort
Elkhorn, WI
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Rube Goldberg
New York, NY
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Perfect North Slopes
Lawrenceburg, IN
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JTM Foodgroup
Harrison, OH
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Timberline Mountain
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