Content Curation vs. Content Creation: What's the Difference?

Content Curation Vs Content Creation

It’s no secret that content is a driving force for digital marketing success.

In fact, it’s essential for SEO.

Not only does content provide opportunities to match keywords, deliver useful information that resonates with readers, and include backlinks to other resources.

Content gives search engines material to scan and index for SERPs.

When you deliver great content, you meet your audience’s needs and appear higher in the rankings. 

This boosts visibility and drives traffic to your site for more conversions.

While content can be delivered in several ways, from blog articles and videos to social media posts and infographics, there are two main types of content: curated and created.

To develop a content strategy that’s right for your business, you need to understand the difference between content curation vs. content creation and the benefits of each.

Content Curation vs. Content Creation

Content curation is when a reputable source creates its own content, and you share it with your audience through email, on your website, or in your social media feed. 

Even though you didn’t create it yourself, this content can be valuable to your audience if it’s relevant to their needs.

It also grants you the opportunity to have a dialogue with your audience and bring added value to the content with your own discussions.

Curated content examples include research articles, news reports, and industry reports.

On the other hand, content creation is when you write your own original material and host it on your platforms. 

Created content is written in your company’s voice and expresses your ideas, opinions, expertise, and services.

Examples of content creation include blog posts, landing pages, social media posts, and YouTube videos.

Both forms of content are valuable and bring numerous benefits to you and your audience.

5 Benefits of Content Curation

1. Saves Time

Creating your own content takes time and resources.

By sharing someone else’s information, you’re still able to provide your audience with valuable content without investing the time and money of writing your own material.

2. Fills in the Gaps

It can be challenging to fill an entire content calendar with original information.

You can use curated content to supplement the unique content you’re already working on.

This allows you to provide continuous resources to your audience without missing a beat.

3. Positions You as a Thought Leader

When your audience sees you’ve been researching content on their behalf, they’ll come to depend on you as a resource for reliable information.

The more valuable content you can provide them, the more you’ll be recognized as a thought leader in your industry.

4. Helps You Remain Current

Curated content lets you share the latest information on industry trends that are meaningful to your audience.

This helps you stay current in your audience’s minds and in your knowledge of what’s happening in your field.

People want to know they’re getting the most up-to-date information on the web.

Delivering relevant information from other trusted sources is a great way to keep them informed.

5. Gain Awareness with Influencers

When you share content from important industry leaders, they become aware of you and what you’re doing in the industry.

This can help give you credibility, expand your audience reach, and provide opportunities to connect in other capacities.

"Content curation and content creation both have their place in a digital marketing strategy. I can help you fully incorporate both to meet your target audience's needs."


5 Benefits of Content Creation

While curating content helps tell a story with the information you’ve collected, content creation allows you to build your own story from the beginning.

Here are five benefits of content creation.

1. Expands Your Expertise

To create meaningful information, every article you write requires extensive research.

The more research you do for your content creation, the more you broaden your field of expertise.

Creating your own content helps educate you on numerous subjects and allows you to become a more knowledgeable source for more areas in your industry.

2. Drives Traffic

The more valuable content you post, the more people you’ll attract.

When you consistently create content that resonates with your audience, people come to expect it and look forward to more.

They’ll begin to share your content with their own contacts, and your audience will increase exponentially.

Creating content is a relatively easy way to generate sales and increase your ROI.

3. Creates Social Media Opportunities

Creating content for your website rewards you twice because you’re able to share whatever you create on your social media platforms.

It’s important to meet your audience where they spend their time, and studies show they spend their time on social media. 3.96 billion people engage with social media content.

Sharing your own original content helps to continue discussions with your audience and keep them engaged in what your company is doing.

4. Helps You Stay Front-of-Mind

Posting original content consistently keeps you in front of your audience.

Even if they’re not ready to buy when they first see your content, it will lead to brand awareness.

When they are in the market for your services, they’ll remember you as a reliable expert in your field.

5. Maintains Customer Relationships

Your relationship with your customer shouldn’t end once they purchase your goods or services.

Original content helps you engage with your customer even when they aren’t interested in making a purchase.

It keeps you connected and continues to provide value until they’re ready to return and give you more of their business.

Include Curation and Creation in Your Content Strategy

Because content curation and content creation both have their place in a digital marketing strategy, you should fully incorporate both to meet your target audience’s needs.

A combination of 65% original content, 25% curated content, and 10% syndicated content allows you to deliver engaging material with a consistent supply of meaningful information.

Need help planning an effective content strategy? Contact me today to discuss ideas to reach your audience with relevant information and position yourself as a leader in your industry.


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